Our goal is to inspire
kids to code and build cool projects
using the Raspberry Pi.

For instructors, parents, do-gooders and anyone else who thinks that every kid needs to know how to code. Download easy to follow worksheets and build something with a kid today.

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Who we are

Who we are

We are Tinkerers. We aim to impart hands-on project based education to kids so that they can become the next generation of makers.

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The Raspberry Pi is a wonderful computer that is custom-built for kids learning to code. With it, you can create electronics projects both simple and complex to amaze yourself and everyone around you.

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All Tinker lessons are built around one theme - curiosity. How does a computer really work? How can it turn on a bulb? Can it understand me when I talk to it? What else can I make it to?

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Download our simple lessons and work along with them and a kid. Each lesson is extremely visual and leads you step-by-step. Help the next generation become a generation of makers.

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